DreamDoll - informs about experiences with TPE & silicone dolls.

TPE = thermoplastic elastomers

Thermoplastic elastomers (also called elastoplasts, abbreviated TPE) are plastics that behave at room temperature comparable to the classic elastomers, but can be plastically deformed or edit under heat supply and thus show a thermoplastic behavior.

Before we tell you how these TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) made Chinese love dolls ordered, we admit that we without compromise behind our very high quality and at first glance, unfortunately a bit expensive silicone dolls / the so-called RealDoll / Love dolls productions stand, not only because we earn our money with it but because these higher quality models fortunately for our customers an extremely high rank in the durability, reliability, smoothness, robustness and much more. to reach. The models made of TPE just can not compete with that.

First important notes, first: 1 Liter TPE costs 2 euros (net, in China). 1 Liter silicone costs 34 to 36 euros (net, in the EU).

Many customers spent a lot of money on TPE dolls because they thought they had acquired a beautiful and durable "RealDoll", and the rude awakening came way too fast. The beauty of the model was gone too fast, because only the smallest first mistake had been allowed on these models.

Of course it hurts all the more when the realization had to ripen much too fast that one had mistakenly put on the wrong horse. To make matters worse, many manufacturers of TPE models consciously refrained from including a comprehensive manual or an adequate care manual for the TPE model that has just been purchased.

OK to the brain we can not look at this or that producer, but the company MECHTECH with your DreamDoll productions sends since production of the first model a comprehensive manual (DE / EN) to a purchased model to and only because we because we Explicitly, our "Exclusive Customers" wish to achieve longevity with our models. Because with proper handling, a Silkion model can in any case get older than 10 years, without that something seriously out of shape; which does not seem to be the case with thermoplastic Real Doll models! More on that later.

Here we only publish experience reports which have been brought to us by the Exclusive customers and should therefore be taken very seriously and because we feel obligated to enlighten our customers about the coming from China virtually Plasitk models! From this experience report (s), which were accessible to us in trustworthy direct conversations, we draw on our information presented here today, since you already suspect it now to be able to report.

Such exclusive customers who just for the reasons given here in the future deliberately just will not opt ​​for a TPE model. The kind of. Exclusive customers that the company MECHTECH could win back with their DreamDoll productions for themselves and that was just the knowledge quality is the measure of all things and not cheap just employable quantity, which also usually can only come up with a remote support you once have a bigger problem.

Our classic example below is about an acquired new TPE model from China, which a customer ordered and received directly from China. He told us the following:

01) The customer got the model, unpacked it, put it on the bed and was surprised once! It did not look like the pictures. For him the taile was absolutely thin, he could grab the waist with almost one hand, which was completely unnatural for him.

02) The customer got the model, unpacked it, put it on the bed and was surprised once that the hands are far too thin. The limbs of the fingers were extremely thin. Nevertheless, he noted that the wire should serve as a guide in the finger is much too rigid. He did not dare strain more than 1.5 kg (So Dogy style not possible and then if something breaks?). He noticed that a wire in his finger jumped out and broke.

03) He found that the fingernails and the eyelashes fell much too fast. An adequate adhesive he could only get conditionally (alone 50 euros for the shipping costs he would have to raise for it, so wrote him the producer).

04) He noticed that his head was wobbling. The head he had to find so receives its stability (here strength) only in the screwed end position; Nevertheless, he was lucky that his head was not too much out of the center of his normal gaze tion, because the head does not wobble until it reaches its end position; You screw your head on the torso, so to speak, until it is firm. If then the direction is not right you have to live with it, a readjustment was not possible for him !.

05) He noted that the head is far too small for European proportions. That means normal wigs available here would not fit; He immediately saw that!

06) He noticed that the head was made with a pure powder made MakeUp!

07) He found that the eyebrows attached to the head were much too fast to dissolve or simply disappeared away!

08) He found out that his model in "sitting" generates a very strong crease in the pelvic area, which only disappears when the model is put down!

09) He realized that his model in the "vagina area" was not sealed! It penetrated water when he was his model shower / bath!

10) He found out that his model quickly attracts color from purchased clothes! Which could not be removed until today!

11) He found that his model did not hang up, as he was used to from silicone models ago!

12) He found that his model had a crack in the shoulder area. After consultation with the producer, it took a long time until he got help. You wrote him that he could buy a little TPE and incorporate this with a hair dryer in the model / model, which should close the crack. Which naturally went hand in hand with a surcharge for the required TPE and high delivery costs!

13) He found that the so-called stand version consisted only of 3 bolts in the foot that trigger on a plate fixing. Not uncommon at first glance, in the second glance it looks like a typical cheap way to bring a model to a halt.

14) He realized that the clothes had to be chosen with absolute care; He often bought too big clothes, you just do not see it to the model that it is Asian sizes that you have to orientate yourself! Painful learning process. It's already going to kids sizes, he said!



Silicone Vs TPE: What should one decide for, what is the right choice for a model purchase? Several questions arise before you buy a so-called RealDoll model / love doll.

The main problem is often that the used raw materials / raw materials of a model has two solutions ready for you. You see there, for example on one side the TPE and on the other side the silicone. But what are the advantages of these two materials? What's this? Before you start a comparison, we'll define the two elements in more detail:

Silicone is mainly composed of oxygen and silicon. It is mainly used in medicine, cosmetics and mechanics. It is a certified skin contact-friendly material (silicone). It is cast by cold-casting on a coated skeleton in a mold.

TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) are chemically widely networked space network molecules. The crosslinks can not be solved without decomposition of the material. TPE are materials in which elastic polymer chains are incorporated into thermoplastic material.

It has a high elasticity and a thermoplastic character (which is changed depending on the required heat insert). TPE is injected hot into the mold and onto the skeleton (so a model is baked).

Thus inevitably results in a significant difference in the material; when you face TPE to the silicone! This is probably the most important aspect of our comparison. The two materials are as different as day and night! First of all, the TPE is not a silicone and has nothing in common with the obvious and latent properties and properties of platinum cross-linked silicones.

Silicone is clearly the more durable material. Alone by the molecular structure ago, since the existing polymers are incorporated only in a small form in the thermoplastic material or are present. Silicone consists of almost 100% platinium-crosslinked polymers, which unfortunately make their mark in the purchase of medical silicones. Silicone is poured cold (room temperature, not too cool) and does not foam when poured.

TPE is to be understood rather as a solid foam (similar to a sponge, with micro-pores), which is molded around the skeleton in a hot casting, giving a model a realistic look. The skeletons are made with multiple joints and look consistent. TPE, when acting with this material, has been given the distinction of being flexible. It should appear to be very comfortable with simple sex and first contact and first touch.