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Questions and Answers (FAQ) / Questions and answers on our Dreamdoll models:

Question: What are the differences between a Dream Doll LIGHT / X-CITE, Dreamdoll CUSTOM / X-TREME & a Dream Doll ORIGINAL (now +RLS / RLS stay for Real, Live, Sensitive) Model?

Answer: all models / variants are identical in appearance and shaping the skeleton. Unfortunately I can not lay all the facts on the table (also production secret) but what I can say is that the difference mainly in the silicon density zones (number of soft zones) and the materials used in the production is located. Foams we absolutely do not use; only Silicones (hard and soft) are used.

For information: the plasticizers that are needed for our medical grade silicone extremely expensive; Therefore, the silicon density zones were reduced to an imputed realistic level (in a nutshell).

Differences from a Dream Doll "X-CITE / ex Light", "X-TREME / ex Custom" and "+RLS / ex original" model

Dream Doll Creation X-TREME +RLS / ex ORIGINAL Model:
Classical design like a Dreamdoll model.
All silicone density zones (internal stable aluminum skeleton)
"" ULTRA SUPER jiggly breasts, hips and genitalia ""
(internal stable aluminum skeleton).

To an original model you can customize the design of your model individually. You can get a list of wishes Makup, your favorite, be generated (for example); just send us a photo and we will create your wishes Makup based on your photos.

You are free to choose between a stable vagina or a removable vagina, without having to pay an extra charge for it.

Dream Doll Creation X-TREME / ex Custom Model:
Modified design to weight decrease
Silicone density areas decreased slightly
(internal stable aluminum skeleton)
"ULTRA jiggly breasts, hips and genitalia"
(internal stable aluminum skeleton)

Dream Doll Creation X-CITE / ex LIGHT Model:
Modified design to weight decrease
Silicone densities decreased a little more
Restriction in the chest size and the
Face Select (only MEDIUM breast size possible).
"Soft breast and butt & genitals"
(internal stable aluminum skeleton)

On the question: I have seen that, for example, at a Dreamdoll Custom request more options are available than in the Light model, however, fewer options than the original model. Therefore, probably the price differences.

Answer: The Dream Doll LIGHT version can from us only in the standard versions (blue or green eye; blonde or black hair / medium breast size) are manufactured. There were stages of production optimizes the course, production costs can be lower; Nevertheless, modifications have been made by our Dreamdoll Creator; it also allows us to lower the price.

Question: But what particularly interested me, why is this Light-Model approximately 12kg lighter than the other? Slightly larger or smaller breasts may not have to be so much make up .

Answer: As I said, all the mysteries are not our producer price; it is but (is logically) to the internal substructure could be modified here; normally each producer would for every kilo he can drain more money demand (for all silicone models are manufactured at 42 up to 60 kg) but not in our Dreamdoll producer, he has several adequate (the quality and beauty not dispensable) found ways around the to significantly mark down total weight.

INFO: If you are explicitly using "jiggly BREAST & BUTT technology" produced Model wish so it is advisable to choose a model Dreamdoll ORIGINAL model or a Dreamdoll CUSTOM; In a Dream Doll LIGHT model the breast falls out a little bit firmer / harder.

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