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DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body)

DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body)
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 2
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 3
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 4
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 6
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 7
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 8
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 9
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 10
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 11
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 12
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 13
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 14
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 15
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 16
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 17
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 18
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 19
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 20
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 21
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 22
DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 23
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DDC X-TREME +RLS (heated Body) - Image 25
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DreamDoll Creation X-TREME (including RLS option) model with full body heating

DreamDoll Creation EUROPE presents:

The DreamDoll Creation X-Treme +RLS Option (formerly Original) - Model Version with a full body heater.

The now designated RLS option is an extension to the DreamDoll Custom (X-Treme) Model Version. The RLS option stands for: Real, Live & Sensitive (real, lifelike / natural, natural / sensitive, natural flesh feeling).

A DreamDoll X-TREME model is already produced naturally soft, but an RLS (Real, Live, Sensitive) option increases the number of softness zones produced with it many times over, and thus to an even more natural level. In this way, the buttocks, the legs, the stomach, the arms, along with the extremities, can have an even more natural suppleness and authentic feel (like the feeling of flesh). Since the additives necessary for a naturally soft silicone compound are very expensive, we invented the X-TREME Model Version to offer an even lower price. Thus, the RLS option for an X-Treme model (formerly ORIGINAL model version) represents the absolute exclusive class in the production possibility of a naturally soft silicone doll. The Porsche & Mercedes should be mentioned among the highest quality comparisons.


(X-Treme + RLS option) with full body heating:

+++ included = training of the extremities (stomach, legs, buttocks, arms, ) increases the number of existing SOFT zones, with even softer silicone (the most exclusive version of a DreamDoll model).

+ Face type: You choose yourself (Asian, European, African).
+ Heads: 6 heads freely selectable
+ Height: 1.68 meters
+ Measurements: 90 - 63 - 92

+ including full body heating of version 1


+ Chest size: 90B (FR); 34B; (UK) 12A (AU); 75B (EN) CUP = SMALL

+ Breast size: 90C (FR); 34B; (UK) 12B (AU); 75C (DE) CUP = MEDIUM

+ Breast size: 90D (FR); 34C; (UK) 12C (AU); 75D (DE) CUP = BIG

+ Option (plus surcharge):

+30% breast expansion to 90D (FR); 34DD; 34E (UK);

75E (DE) CUP = BIG +30%

+ Clothing size: 38.

+ Weight: 37kg + / -5%

+ Hair color: black, blond, brown, medium brown and red

+ Hair length: choose between long or short hair

+ Eye color: Blue, extra-blue, green, extra-green, grey.

+ Skin colors: Choose between 4 basic colors / skin types:

Standard skin color, Asian, Latino brown, African black.

+ Special Make-up: Make-up based on silicone paint;

__is created by our award-winning make-up designer.

+ Our DreamDoll models are freely modifiable!

+ 1 year manufacturer's warranty / internal substructure and production damage

+ INFO: Comprehensive manual / USER CARE GUIDE

with comprehensive precautions and repair instructions for using the repair kit.

- Face type: TANIA European face.

- Face type: SORIA European face.

- Face type: SWAN Asian face.

- Face type: CHLÈA European face.

- Face type: JULIA European face

- Face type: MAEVA European face

Ultra-realistic sexual characteristics (sexparts),

Super Jiggly Breast, Butt & Hip & Genitalia Technology!

About the DreamDoll full body heating system:
The DreamDoll Creation Model heating system (V1) is fed easily and conveniently via a 12/Volt/50Hz transformer (50Watt), which is easy to attach to the head. The transformer is easily connected to your circuit (220V / 50HZ / C E tested). When put into operation, the heating system needs about 15 to 20 minutes to reach the full operating temperature. The heating model must not come into contact with water during operation! As the name suggests, the DreamDoll full body heater heats up the entire DreamDoll model body within 20 minutes. All extremities, including breasts, abdomen, buttocks, vagina, mouth and anus, are heated up in a natural way. The temperature is automatically and permanently maintained at a natural level.
Ultra-realistic sexual characteristics (sexparts)

Three orifices / inlets:

The oral intake:
As can be seen in the photo on the right, the mouth can be opened and closed wide / naturally (the BM is firmly integrated in the head area of ​​the skeleton). The mouth contains a natural replica of the tongue pelvis, with natural rough and realistic aspiration behavior.

Due to the construction itself, the air is pressed out through the phallus when entering the mouth, so that a slight negative pressure is created. Due to the resulting negative pressure, a feeling-real asphiration phenomenon, also known as the suction effect, occurs. By pulling back the phallus, the negative pressure has a direct effect on the phallus. Sequential in and out creates a permanent, natural aspiration that creates a natural feeling of pampering, which is in no way inferior to natural sexual intercourse!

The oral inlet depth is 10 to 12 cm.

The three ultra-realistic sexual features (sexparts) are created from medical-grade platinum cross-linked silicone and are modeled after the appearance of a natural woman (1:1).

The Anal Inlet::
The anus is realistically small, firm and smooth. The anal inlet depth is about 12 to 14 cm.

The vaginal inlet:
The vagina is realistically soft structured. A realism sensation.

The vaginal inlet depth is about 13 to 16 cm.

The make-up:
Make-up design made from the most beautiful make-up colors, created by our award-winning make-up designer.
Our DreamDoll Creation models are manufactured by our well-known and experienced inventor and producer Mr. T. Reverdi, who has been producing most of the silicone doll models manufactured here in EUROPE for our exclusive clientele since spring 2006, on schedule. Our DreamDoll Creation models present the highest "class of quality and quality" as it can be expected from our customers in the absolute exclusive top class. One can rightly say that we have the Ferarri / Porsche among the silicone dolls / real doll models that can be found on the market for you.

Order placement and delivery:
You can conveniently order by email, fax or standard mail or via our web shop. After receiving your order, we will send you our order confirmation as soon as we think possible. If you place an order via our online shop, you will receive two order confirmations from us. The first is a confirmation of acceptance generated automatically by the WebShop; we will send you the second order confirmation by email, post or fax (as desired). This order confirmation contains all important data such as specification of the model, delivery time; Reference number (will be issued and sent after the prepayment has been booked), delivery address, payment term, type of delivery, etc.

We stand by our quality and our production methods and our service and therefore offer you a comprehensive warranty on our productions. The uniqueness of our warranty guarantees has saved many customers (not many in number) a lot of grief! Nevertheless, there is only one company in the world that can give you such a guarantee on a hygiene item (DreamDoll Creation EUROPE).

SPECIAL INFO: Should z. If, for example, the weather or carelessness (Murphy's law) has caused damage to your DreamDoll model, we can offer a complete overhaul of your model with a complete examination and overhaul of the skeleton at the same time (for a small additional charge!).

Our DreamDoll models are made in France. We present you the highest quality silicone doll models that you can find on the free world market.

We are characterized by the highest quality standards in production and the use of materials as well as a highly exclusive customer service. DreamDoll Creation is presenting you with a range of silicone doll models in absolute high-end quality and exceptional beauty.

The manufacturing process, the structure, the design and the implementation of the design of our DreamDoll models now opens up a completely new generation from the "world of silicone dolls", the so-called "REAL - DOLL'S". For example, you can now select from different standard breast sizes possible (without surcharge), whereby the largest breast size can still be selected for you at the option +30% (mega breasts / surcharge).

We have now also been able to implement the express specific customer request "for a smaller breast / cup size" with the breast cup size of 70C cup / SMALL / SMALL (corresponds to an Asian breast size).

We deliver conveniently, discreetly and anonymously (no logo; no indication of content visible!), the delivery costs are included in the purchase price. We deliver free of charge or poste restante. We deliver your model very well padded in a highly stable carrier triple box, buckled on a stable pallet to any desired location. You can also pick up your model directly from us.

Production times: For a DreamDoll X-TREME + RLS (Real Live, Sensitive) we need about 4-5 weeks (+- 1 week) for the production.

Delivery time after end of production:
24 - 48 hour; within the EU (+-24 hours).

- Inquiries about tracking codes and reference data for the upcoming delivery will be communicated or answered by us via our online support by e-mail or, if desired, by telephone on 04748 820 347.

DreamDolls can also be found at: https://www.siliconedolls24.com
If you have any questions about our exclusive silicone dolls, just contact us

Call usCall us if you have any questions. We're happy to help. We know only too well that you can't explain everything on one website. That's why we're all the more happy to answer all your questions! You can reach us by phone on: 0049 (0) 4748 820 347

EmailSend us an email if you have any questions. We are of course very happy to help. We know only too well that not everything can be found or explained on one website. That's why we're all the more happy to answer all your questions! You can reach us by email at: Email: info@dreamdoll.de

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DreamDoll - Over 14 years of experience in "love dolls"

We have many years of experience in the production and sale of love dolls. We have been working exclusively with our producers since the end of 2005 and can therefore offer you very special sex dolls of the highest quality.

Our range is constantly expanding and now includes over 800 models. Our focus is on quality and the latest technology. Your satisfaction and lasting pleasure with your love doll is our goal!

Professional advice from experts

Our hotline is available daily to answer all inquiries, requests or suggestions relating to the topic of "love doll". Our customer service includes all-round support, from the beginning of an order to the final delivery.

You can reach our technical advice by phone at (+49) 04748 820 347.

Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

You are also welcome to visit us and get advice on site. Let yourself be inspired by our exhibits and take the opportunity to configure your silicone doll with our help.

Our opening times

Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Discreet shipping

DreamDoll assures you that your order will be delivered in an anonymized box. We do not use logos or manufacturer information that allow conclusions to be drawn about the content of the delivery. Only you know what is really in the box.

Depending on the destination country, your order will be delivered to you by DHL, FedEx, UPS or a shipping company. We will keep you up to date with the status of your order at all times. After shipping, you will receive a tracking number, which you can use to track the delivery.

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