TPE & silicone

DreamDoll: information on experiences with TPE & silicone dolls.

TPE is an abbreviation of Thermoplastic Elastomers

Thermoplastic elastomers (also called elastoplast; abbreviation TPE) are plastics that are comparable to a conventional elastomer’s behaviour at room temperature, but plastically deform under heat, thus exhibiting thermoplastic behaviour.

Before we discuss how Chinese plastic love dolls are made, we should make clear that we believe the silicone love dolls we stock to be of the highest quality.
For the first glance, silicone dolls are somewhat expensive – but quality has its price. Yes we earn our money with selling silicone love dolls, but we are only happy if we sell the highest quality dolls, accompanied with superior customer service.

We are safe in the knowledge that our silicone love dolls are durable, reliable and flexible, since they are made with the finest quality medical-grade silicone. Put quite simply, cheaper TPE cannot compete with silicone sex dolls. Many people are attracted to TPE dolls because they are often much cheaper than silicone dolls. They believe they can get the ‘real doll’ experience for less. But they often suffer a rude awakening when their doll gets damaged soon after they begin using it.

The TPE buyer then realises he backed the wrong horse, as it were.

Some TPE manufacturers do not even include a comprehensive care guide with their dolls.

By contrast, here at the MECHTECH company we ensure a full care guide accompanies every DreamDoll we sell. Taking good care of a new love doll means it will last much longer. In the case of our own silicone-based love dolls, this could be as long as 10 years.

What our customers have said backs up what is generally accepted as true: that TPE love dolls are inferior to silicone ones.

This report makes it clear why TPE often causes so much disappointment in customers. It should make it easier for you to make you final purchase decision.

At DreamDoll we believe "that quality is the measure of all things" – this is what people want and we believe they should get it. The combination of attractive prices, a beautiful model, fast delivery and superior customer service is what underpins everything we do at DreamDolls.

Here is what a customer (we’ll call him Mr X) told us about a doll he ordered from China:

01. Mr X took delivery of his love doll, but was shocked to discover that the doll did not look like the pictures he had seen. The waist was far too thin – so thin he could almost wrap his hand around it! For Mr X, this was completely unnatural.

02. The hands were too thin, as were the wires inside. What’s more, she was so delicate that he thought he would break her. Indeed, doggy style seemed impossible without causing damage. He noted that a wire in one finger broke out of the skin.

03. The fingernails and eyelashes fell off too fast. He had order special glue (50 euros for shipping, 20 for the glue) which took two weeks to arrive.

04. The head was not stable, fixed to the body only by the screw in the neck. If the head was not centred, it wobbled around a great deal.

05. He noted that for European tastes the head was much too small. He knew that regular wigs would never fit this doll!

06. He noted that the head was covered with pure powder make-up.

07. The eyebrows fell off soon after he received the doll

08. He noted that in the "sitting position" his model developed a very strong pelvic fold, which disappeared only when the model stood again.

09. He noted that the vagina area was not sealed. Water penetrated inside the body during bathing.

10. The dyes from purchased dresses marked the skin very easily.

11. He could not hang the model from the neck while dressing her. He knew that this possible

12. There were tears around the shoulders. The supplier took a long time to respond. They said he could buy some TPE and apply it to the damaged area with a hairdryer; this should seal the crack. The customer was charged for this.

13. The standing mechanism was simply three bolts on a plate connected to the foot. He believed it to be a very cheap mechanism.

14. Buying clothes for the doll was difficult – often they were too large. In the end he had to children’s clothes for the doll – which was deeply embarrassing.


Here we publish a translation of our producer’s statement about TPE vs. Silicone! Silicone Vs TPE: which one should I choose? Should I choose RealDoll? Several questions come up before you make your RealDoll decision.

Today’s sex dolls are generally available in two materials – silicone and TPE. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two materials? Here we define are the two elements in more detail:

Silicon is mainly composed of oxygen and silicon. It is chiefly used in medicine, cosmetics and mechanics. It is a certified skin contact-friendly material (medical-silicone). It is poured onto a coated skeleton in a form in cold-pouring-method.


But unfortunately it tears too easily. When the customer uses the doll regularly, the pressure causes the TW nearest the skeleton to be damaged. The customer cannot see the damage at this point, but molecular basics are at work. TPE is steadily fatigued by constant used, whether micro movements of larger movements.

TPE has so few polymer molecular chains, which means it is an easily-broken material.

Of course, it’s not just a matter of material. You may find high quality TPE dolls and low-quality silicone dolls, but when silicone is used, the final product tends to be much better. And as we demonstrate here at DreamDoll, silicone dolls do not have to be prohibitively expensive. Only medical-grade silicone is used in our products.

It’s true that silicone does cost more than TPE, but as a customer you will be much more satisfied in the long term. It should also be noted that silicone is safer than TPE.

Silicone has no bad smell, is easy to clean, and you can bath with a model; nothing will go inside. TPE could also be toxic to humans. While there have been certifications to the contrary, we do not necessarily trust these. Many people part with their money before checking this.

The same problem is encountered with the TPE variant. This reduces production costs, which means they are much cheaper to buy than silicone dolls. However, as we’ve mentioned, they contain hidden or latent issues which will emerge later on. This problem is most notable in Chinese-made dolls.

In addition, TPE is considered ‘almost plastic’ (foamed plastic) – which means it is not environmentally friendly when and if the time comes to dispose of the doll.

On a molecular level, TPE might be regarded as a little chaotic, while externally it can be difficult to clean. What is certain is that if a TPE doll is neglected it will degrade even faster than normal. Bacteria can get inside the TPE pores very easily, which causes rotting. Those pores, which continually receive moisture and other contaminants, are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. In this regard TPE is far less hygienic than silicone.

TPE must be oiled frequently, while platinum silicones do not require this. TPE often develops an unpleasant odour according to some customer reports.

At DreamDoll we use the finest allergy-friendly medical silicones available on the world market. We offer our exclusive customers the +RLS (Real Life Sensitive) option. This offers a natural and pleasant feel, including technology which enhances jiggly chests and buttocks.

Our dolls offer a natural softness while providing long-lasting durability. Our X-Treme models benefit from a new silicone alloy which has been incorporated into our manufacturing process with great success.

Our aim is to create and provide the highest DreamDoll / RealDoll quality, with the best durability, for our exclusive customers. Once again, we only use the finest materials, including platinum cured silicone which, although it is much more expensive than TPE, is a vastly superior material.

To conclude, silicone stays in better condition for longer, and responds extremely well to regular manipulation. If your doll develops any creases, these can simply be massaged-out. The same cannot be said for TPE.

If you’re looking for a RealDoll that will last for many years, is hygienic and easy to maintain, and for your doll to be as beautiful in five years as she was when you bought her, choose DreamDoll.

These are the characteristics that our customers want from their dolls – and we strive to ensure they get it – a fact confirmed by our buyers very often.