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The sum of all craftsmanship achievements and masterpieces, such as materials, top quality and designer excellence - have flowed into our DreamDoll X-TREME / DreamDoll RLS, Love Sex Doll variants.

Our DreamDoll models, which score points with their naturally sensual charisma and their truly excellent price-performance ratio, will surely convince you at short notice! Our DreamDoll models are produced in France and are delivered from the factory directly to your home or a desired address of your choice.

You can not just make silicone dolls / silicone love dolls from one day to the next, you really have to learn it, otherwise you will go too much wrong. Our DreamDoll producers have learned their craft from the best producers you can ever find. Nevertheless, the baptism of fire comes after the apprenticeship.

We have learned our craft intensively and constantly developed. We have been producing our exclusive silicone dolls since the end of 2005. We have gained a great deal of knowledge about silicone doll productions and have also continued to develop our mold design capabilities. Therefore, it is no longer difficult for us to respond to individual customer requests. Just ask us, in case you have a really special product request.

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Images & Movis from Video 2 show a nice girl who test the density of our DreamDoll MEAVA X-TREME (+RLS / Real Live & Sensitive) Model on international Erotic Fair Venus 2013.

DreamDoll Creations High Quality Silicone Doll Breast Tests on
Erotic Fair Venus Berlin 2013

Invented, designed and produced in the European Union, made from the highest quality medical silicones, our ยฉ DreamDoll creation are an anatomically correct 1: 1 copy of the naturally-beautiful-female form. All the attributes of a beautiful girl can be discovered in our DreamDoll models. Give us a call or send us an email, we are happy to help you with any further information.

DreamDoll Creation models are molded and produced by our longtime friend and creator Thierry Reverdi from France. Our production facility is located in Duppigheim, 25 km from Strasbourg. On request you can also come to visit us.

Mr. Reverdi has been developing medical silicone blends for silicone love & sex dolls since 2006. It is very important that all produced soft zones feel like the model "Jiggly". Jiggly, so the Americans call everything that naturally behaves. "Silicon-technically speaking" means that everything that feels like being naturally wobbly and natural can be called "Jiggly"! DreamDoll X-TREME and DreamDoll X-TREME + RLS are models that feel Jiggly all over the body. RLS means Real, Live, Sensitive. RLS are properties that indicate the property "Jiggly"!

DreamDoll Specifications: 75B Cup, Cup 75C, 75D Cup Height: 1, 68 meters Size: 5 '5 Weight 34 kg. Buttocks: 105 cm / 41 inches clothing Dimensions = 90 - 63 - 94 Production time: 2 - 3 weeks (ยฑ 1 week) Delivery time: 24 - 48 hours (+ -24 Std .; within the EU)