GINGER BODY5 O-Nr.:B5104010

GINGER BODY5 O-Nr.:B5104010
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DreamDoll Creation X-PRESS (GINGER) Model

The DreamDoll Body 5 Model version has been renamed our producer into the DreamDoll X-Press Model Version. We show a little bit the old model variant, as it may be that some customers might be confused now.

DreamDoll - highest quality and cheapest silicone love doll / real dolls - as "X-Press (Body 5)" models

The X-Press Model version was named because we can send this model via express production & delivery; because we always produce this model variant because of the high demand, in stock. Of course, a X-TREME model is soft, but a DreamDoll X-PRESS RealDoll model stands right between the X-TREME and the DDC X-TREME +RLS (option) model version, in production and quality features. So the butt, the legs and extremities have a naturally soft softness and smoothness, as one might expect from a model of this quality class. Since the additives that are necessary for create a natural soft silicone mixture are very expensive, we have invented the X-PRESS model version to be able to form an even cheaper price here. Thus, the X-Press Model Version (formerly Body 5 ULTRA Model) marks the beginning of an high exclusive Real Doll.

Breast size - 75 C
Shoe size - 7/40
Height / height - 155 cm
Weight ~ 35 kg (+ - 5%)
Clothes: Size - 8 / T-Shirt = MEDIUM
Size: 39 / M (DE)
Body made of medical silicone

BREAST ​​SIZE = 34B (USA); 34C (GB); 90C (FR) 12B (AU); 75C

Model Measurements:

Shoulder width is 37 cm
Chest size is 91 cm
Size under the breasts is 75 cm
Hip size is 69 cm
Thigh size is 49 cm
Buttocks is 100 cm
Leg size is 100 cm
Doll size is 1,55 meter

Possible spezification to desire Model Option (no extra money):
Hair color: black, blonde or red hair (You can choose).
Hair length: long / short with light waves
Eye color: blue eyes (or as desired) (you choose)
Skin color: Color no .: 1 (fair skin color).

Included = Model Heating Version 3: Oral, Anal, Vaginal Heating (12V / 50Hz)

- Vacuum technology: during oral penetration, provides a vacuum (lifelike), for a maximum of play pleasure

- 3 x anatomically correct inlets: oral, vaginal and anal inlet

Vaginal inlet depth = 13 to 16 cm.
Oral ___inclusion depth = 10 to 12 cm.
Anale- ___Einlasstiefe = 12 to 14 cm.

- European production!
- Compatible with water-based lubricants

1 Year manufacturer's warranty / internal substructure and verified production damage

- Stable shipping carton
- Discrete Anonymous Mailing: We deliver your model completely discretely and anonymously; no logos or origin / content visible .

Delivery time: 1 to 2 Week(s) after order / activation (payment is done).
- We keep (hold) a certain number of this model variant in stock for you; for fast shipping !!!!!!!!!!

If you are looking for a cheap love doll (Real Doll) that hardly distinguishes a woman of flesh and blood in the body and taste, you should have a look at our DreamDoll silicone love doll to the DreamDoll X-Press (Body5) version. The sum of craftsmanship, materials, top quality and designer excellence - these are our DreamDoll X-Press love dolls model, they also-called RealDoll's, which will captivate you with their sensual charisma and their price / performance ratio. will seduce you. This model variant, we always keep hold on stock, for fast customer access, we have only to finalize your model only (hair, desired MakeUp (everything is possible) and then deliver to you, after verified payment, of course.

DreamDoll X-PRESS (BODY 5) Model Version
DreamDoll Création presents the latest sensation, the new X-PRESS body and with newly designed erotic functions and skeleton. The X-Press Model Version is excitingly beautiful! By DESIREE, SCARLETT, GINGER or ANGELA our new faces with a new LOOK, we enlarge our collection with another sensation. Let yourself be enchanted by her fairytale expression through her pure beauty, by naturally erotizing atrrobibute of a true sex bomb. Since 2006, we have been producing and presenting the highest quality silicone models (Silicone Love Dolls) that you can find on the world market. Our DreamDoll Création models are made in France. Our producer offers, defines and distinguishes itself through its own truly "very high" quality standards and its highly-excellent and exclusive all-round customer service. The manufacturing process, the structure, the design and the implementation of the design of our DreamDoll Création models now open up a whole newest sensation in the world of "silicone love dolls", they also called as "Real Doll Love Doll".

DreamDoll Création presents you a new silicone model with new Body (X-Press) in absolute high-end quality and of extraordinary natural beauty, grace and naturalness. All sexually stimulating attributes of an erotic, graceful, feminine beauty woman, are perfectly set for you, in our DreamDoll Création X-PRESS models.

The special make-up is a make-up based on permanent colors and is created by our award-winning make-up designer. It is characterized by naturally intense bright colors, high color fastness and long durability (long living time). The three ultra-realistic sexual characteristics (Sexparts), made of very soft, medical Platinum silicone, have been copied by a real woman and prepared for the silicone-capable "casting". All models have 3 inlets, including a 12V / 50HZ heater, produced or equipped for you as standard. The vagina is realistically soft and has been structured internally from a real woman (skin textures); A sensation in the details. The oral insertion depth is 10 to 12 cm (deeper on request).

The mouth is easy to open (is integrated in the skeleton)! He is equipped with a realistic tongue basin that finds its fulfillment with a slightly rough and a realistic aspiration phenomenon. By taking advantage of a vacuum effect creates a realistic, pronounced suction that comes close to a so-called real BLOW-JOB, but fully simulates it. To be exposed to a real oral traffic is impressively realized by this refinement. The oral insertion depth is 10 to 12 cm.

The anus is realistically small, firm and smooth, of course natural designed. The anal inlet depth is about 12 to 14 cm.

Our supplied manual / USER CARE GUIDE with comprehensive precautions and repair instructions for the use of the repair kit can be downloaded from our support server as a PDF document, but is attached to each model in printed glossy form. You can ask for an customer support server access our contact mail: We will then send you the required access data immediately.

Order placement and delivery: In addition to the online shop, you can also order by e-mail, telephone, fax or letter. Upon receipt of your order, we will send you your order confirmation as soon as possible. If you order via our online shop you will receive two order confirmation's. The first is an acceptance confirmation automatically generated by our online Web Shop; We will send you the second order confirmation by e-mail (as far as the address is available). If you wish, we can also send the order confirmation by post or fax. The order confirmation once again includes all important data such as the specification of your desired model, delivery time, delivery address, payment term, delivery method, bank details, etc.

Delivery: We deliver comfortably, discreetly and anonymously (no logos, no indication of the content!), The delivery costs are already included in the purchase price. (for most EU Customers, only). The delivery is free domicile or also request post-warehouse (at the supplier). We deliver your model very well padded in a highly durable carrier tripple carton, strapped to a sturdy pallet to any desired (reachable by van) location. You can also pick up your model directly from us. Individual deliveries can also be arranged / realized by us (insofar as this is within our means); Talk to us (04748 820 347).

Warranty Statement of our producer: Our beautiful and absolutely high quality DreamDoll Création models are produced by the same producer who has produced the world famous quality of most of the EUROPA made silicone models since 2006! This makes it all easier for us to give you a guarantee for the absolutely high quality of our top level models and to vouch for this guarantee.

We stand by our quality and our production methods and therefore offer you on our productions a comprehensive warranty guarantee of oney year, which has to find its equal in Europe first. We offer one year manufacturer's warranty on the internal substructure (the skeleton). Also, if you should find, or we verify a production damage within one year (possibly longer) we will exchange your model at short notice or we repair it at to our expense (No extra costs). The uniqueness of our warranty guarantee has already saved many customers a lot of grief & trouble! However, there is apparently only one company in the world that can give you such a guarantee on a hygiene product and that is called DreamDoll Création EUROPE / MECHTECH.

SPECIAL INFO: Should be e.g. Weather or carelessness (Murphy's Law) may have caused damage to your DreamDoll Création model, we can offer a complete overhaul (New Body, with your old Model) of your model with simultaneous full review and revision of the skeleton by the manufacturer. If your model needs a simple repair, we offer you the first repair for free of charge; only the delivery costs you need to pay!

Production and delivery times: Production times: None; because we always try to keep this model in stock!
Delivery time after end of production / receipt of payment: 24 - 72 hour; within the EU (+ -24 hours).

Further information and reports can be found on the Internet forums such as

We carry a variety of different silicone sex dolls, so that everyone finds exactly the cheap love doll as he is looking for. Whether you prefer blonde, dark-haired or brunette ladies, whether you prefer a natural or beautifully tailored MakUp - here you can decide what ever you prefer (talk with us), and you like to do with your sweet upcoming Real Doll. With all the choice of specifications, you're spoiled for choice and free to choose how to fit your cheap DreamDoll silicone doll. We always keep this model in stock for you (in all variations)!

DreamDoll Creation Support - Just contact us for the following options:
Give us a call! If you want to direct questions to us. We are happy if we can help. You can reach us by phone: 0049 (0) 4748 820 347, we speek english and german. Send us an email if you have any questions. Of course we are happy to help. We know only too well that you can not find everything on information on a website for get it explained. Therefore, we are more happy to can answer all your questions! You can reach us via Email: Email: or tap on the Contact Button into the below of this page, please.

Send us a fax if you want to ask us questions. Of course we also gladly help you by fax request. We know only too well that you can not find everything on a website or get explained. Therefore, we are more than happy to answer all your questions! You can reach us by fax: 0049 (0) 4748 821 302

DreamDoll - Má de 14 años de experiencia en "love dolls"

Tenemos muchos años de experiencia en la producción y venta de muñecas de amor. Hemos estado trabajando exclusivamente con nuestros productores desde finales de 2005 y, por lo tanto, podemos ofrecerle muñecas sexuales muy especiales de la má alta calidad.

Nuestra gama se expande constantemente y ahora incluye má de 800 modelos. Nuestro foco está en la calidad y la última tecnología. ¡Su satisfacción y placer duradero con su muñeca de amor es nuestro objetivo!

Asesoramiento profesional de expertos

Nuestra línea directa está disponible todos los días para responder a todas las consultas, solicitudes o sugerencias relacionadas con el tema de "muñeca de amor". Nuestro servicio al cliente incluye soporte integral, desde el comienzo de un pedido hasta la entrega final.

Puede comunicarse con nuestro asesoramiento técnico por teléfono al (+49) 04748 820 347.

Lunes a viernes: 9:00 a.m. a 6:00 p.m.
Sábado y domingo: 10:00 a.m. a 12:30 p.m.

También puede visitarnos y obtener asesoramiento en el sitio. Déjese inspirar por nuestras exhibiciones y aproveche la oportunidad de configurar su muñeca de silicona con nuestra ayuda.

Nuestros horarios

Lunes a viernes: 10 a.m. a 7 p.m.
Sábado: 10:00 a.m. a 12:30 p.m.

Envío discreto

DreamDoll le asegura que su pedido será entregado en una caja anónima. No utilizamos logotipos ni información del fabricante que permita sacar conclusiones sobre el contenido de la entrega. Solo tú sabes lo que hay realmente en la caja.

Dependiendo del paí de destino, DHL, FedEx, UPS o una empresa de envío le entregarán su pedido. Lo mantendremos actualizado con el estado de su pedido en todo momento. Despué del envío, recibirá un número de seguimiento, que puede usar para rastrear la entrega.

Nuestro precio anterior 6.533,10 EUR Ahora solo 5.399,00 EUR Te ahorras 17% / 1.134,10 EUR
incl. 19 % I.V.A
nombre de la cara
Color de los ojos
Color de maquillaje (boca)
color de pelo
peluca adicional
Color de piel
color del pezón
tamaño de los senos
Color de uñas de manos y pies
vello púbico
Ejecución vaginal
color de la vagina
Entrada de la vagina
Color de entrada de la vagina
adaptación fálica
Calefacción modelo
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