JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 2
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 3
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 4
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 5
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 6
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 7
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 8
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 9
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 10
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 11
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 12
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 13
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 14
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 15
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 16
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 17
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 18
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 19
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 20
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 21
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 22
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 23
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 24
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 25
JULIA X-TREME (+RLS) - Image 26
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DreamDoll Creation's X-Treme Model Version with optional (extra cost) full body heated body & parts!
Dream Doll Creation's EUROPE presents the DreamDoll Creation's X-TREME (formerly Custom) - Model Version

Our DreamDoll is coming to you. Let yourself get seduced. Originality and specified details, in combination with face and body, one of the most beautiful models in our Studio " DreamDoll-MODELS", the SEX SIMULATION and special edition in modern time. Charisma of her appearance will put a spell on you. Our DreamDoll MODEL MODEL is a fully functional imitation of a wonderful woman. All attributes of an erotic appealing woman are combined perfectly. She puts herself in scene, with appealing sexual attribute.

Dream Doll Creation's EUROPE presents: The Dream Doll Creation X-TREME - Model Version
(DDC X-Treme) with full body heating system as option (extra money):
+++ Including full body heating Version 1
+++ = Including heating of the extremities (abdomen, legs, buttocks, arms, vagina, anus, mouth, chest) with a 220V / 12 Volt / 50 Hz models at any heating, already described above body parts.
+ Face type: select yourself (Asia, European, African).
+ Faces: 6 Faces free available (you can choose between 6 faces)
+ Height: 1.68 meters
+ Dimensions: 90 - 63-92
+ 3 breast sizes selectable (no extra charge):
+ Breast Size: 90B (FR); 34B; (GB) 12A (AU); 75B (DE) CUP = KLEIN
+ Breast Size: 90C (FR); 34B; (GB) 12B (AU); 75C (DE) CUP = MEDIUM
+ Breast Size: 90D (FR); 34C; (GB) 12C (AU); 75D (DE) CUP = Large
+ Option (plus extra charge):
+ 30% breast enlargement on 90D (FR); 34DD; 34E (GB);
75E (DE) CUP = Gross + 30%
+ Dress Size: 38th
+ Weight 37 kg + / -5%
+ Hair color: black, blond, brown, medium brown and red
+ Hair length: you can choose between long or short hair
+ Eye Color: Blue, extra- blue, green extra-, green, gray.
+ Skin color: select between 4 basic colors / skin types:
Standard color, Asian, Latino brown, black African.
+ Special makeup: silicone-based color makeup;
is created by our award-winning makeup designer.
+ Our Dreamdoll models are freely modifiable!
+ 1 year warranty / internal substructure and production damage
+ INFO: Full manual / USER CARE GUIDE
with extensive precautions and repair instructions for use of repair kits.
- Face type: TANIA European face.
- Face type: SORIA European face.
- Face Type: SWAN Asian face.
- Face type: Chlea European face.
- Face type: JULIA European face
- Face type: MAEVA European face
Ultra-realistic sex characteristics (Sexparts)
Super Jiggly Breast, Butt & Hip & Sexpart technology!
Ultra-realistic sex characteristics (Sexparts)
To our DreamDoll Option "Full- Body Heated Model" System:
DreamDoll Creation Model Heated Model System (V1) is fed easily and conveniently via a 220V / 12 / Volt / 50Hz transformer (50W) executeable. The voltage is appropriately adjusted for the respective country. The transformer is easily connected to your circuit (220V / 50HZ / CE approved). For in-commissioning the heating system needs about 15 to 20 minutes to reach full operating temperature. The heating model may not come in contact with water during any operation! The DreamDoll full body heater heats, as the name suggests, all DreamDoll model body within 20 minutes. All extremities, along with chest, abdomen, buttocks, vagina, mouth and anus are heated lifelike. The temperature is automatically held constantly on a natural level.


Three orifices / inlets:
The oral orifice: As can be seen in the photo on the right, the mouth can be far / natural opening and closing (the BM is in the head region of the skeleton firmly integrated). The mouth harbors a natĂŒrlcih downstream formed tongue basin, with natural rough and realistic Aspirationsverhalten. Due to the construction itself, the air is forced out through the phallus during penetration into the mouth, so dasss a slight vacuum is produced. Due to the resulting vacuum leaving you feeling real AsphirationsphĂ€nomen also called suction. By pulling back the phallus causes the vacuum a direct action on the phallus. By sequentially and egress a permanent, natural aspiration arises the natural pampering feeling which way inferior to the natural VG in nothing!
Oral intake depth is 10 to 12 cm.
The three ultra realistic sexual characteristics (Sexparts) are created from medical Platimum crosslinked silicones and after the appearance to a natural woman been gestlltet (1: 1).
The anal inlet (orifice) :The anus is realistic small, firm and smooth configured.
The anal inlet depth is approximately 12 to 14 cm.
The vaginal inlet: The vagina is realistic soft structured. A sensation in the RealtitÀtstreue.
The Vaginal inlet depth is approximately 13 to 16 cm.
The make-up: Manufactured from the finest makeup Colors Makeup Design ,, created by our award-winning makeup designer.
Our Dream Doll Creation's models are manufactured by our long-standing world known and most experienced inventor and producer Mr. T. Reverdi which since spring 2006, most of all here manufactured in EUROPE silicone dolls models for our exclusive clientele, on schedule, produced. Our Dream Doll Creations models present the highest "Quality and grade" as it may be expected in the absolute exclusive class of customers.
Order placement and delivery: You can conveniently order by email, fax or standard mail or via our webshop. After receiving your order we will send you our order confirmation as soon as it will appear to us to be happy. If you place an order through our online store, please contact us two order confirmations. The first is a letter of acceptance automatically created by the WebShop; we will send the second order confirmation to you by email, mail or fax (as desired). This order confirmation contains all the necessary information, such as specification of the model, delivery time; Reference (is issued and delivered by recorded receipt of prepayment), delivery address, payment, delivery etc.
We stand by our quality and our manufacturing methods and our service and therefore offer our productions a comprehensive warranty guarantee.
The uniqueness of our GewÀhrleistung- guarantees has so many clients (not many of them) already saves a lot of grief! Nevertheless, there are around the world is only one company that can give you such a warranty guarantee a hygiene items (Dream Doll Creation's EUROPE).
SPECIAL INFO: If for example the weather or carelessness (Murphy's Law) have made your Dreamdoll model pending an injury, we can offer a complete overhaul of your models with simultaneous complete examination and overhaul of the skeleton (a small extra charge!).Our Dreamdoll models are manufactured in France. We present the highest quality Silicone Doll- models that you can find on the open world market. We sell only Porsche Models and no Gogos.
We distinguish ourselves by the highest quality standards in the fabrication and material use as well as a highly exclusive customer service. Dream Doll Creation's you today presents a series of silicone Doll models in absolute high end quality and of an extraordinary beauty.The manufacturing process, the structure, the design and implementation to shaping our Dreamdoll models gives you now a whole new generation of the "world of Silicone- Doll's", the so-called "REAL - DOLL'S" .Thus, for example, now the selection of various standard breast sizes (no extra charge) is possible, with the biggest breast size even on the option + 30% (Mega Breast / gg. surcharge) remains selected for you.
The express specific customer requirements "by smaller breast / Körbchen- size" we could now also with the Busen- Körbchen- size of 70C Cup / SMALL / SMALL (equivalent to an Asian breast size) into reality transpose.
INFO:In order to keep the absolute affordable price to a Dream Doll LIGHT model for our customers exklusve shank we had version out conceptualize drastically our production to Dreamdoll LIGHT Model. For this reason, only the requirements specified in this to this Dream Doll LIGHT model are now explicitly feasible for us. Desired special specifications we can very easily implement version for you for you from a Dreamdoll CUSTOM version up to Dreamdoll ORIGINAL Model.
Delivery: We provide convenient, discreet and anonymous (no logos, no indication can be seen on content!), The delivery costs are included in the purchase price with. We deliver free of charge, or else like postlagernd. We deliver the model padded very benign in a highly stable Carrier Tripple carton, strapped to a stable range to any desired location. You can come pick it up directly with us your model as well.
Production time: For a Dream Doll X-TREME model, we need about 1-2 weeks (+ - 1 week) for production.
Delivery time after the end of production: 24 - 48 hour; inerhalb the EU (+ -24 hours).

Contact us please

userContact us by phone please, if you have any question about our luxury ladie; we know it gives plenty to ask. You can reach us per Telephone under: 0049 (0) 4748 820 347
EmailOr send us simple an email! You can use our Contact-Form for sending us direct from our Web Page an email by using our Contact-Form-Page. If you like to send us an email over your own email- client you can use this email address please: Email: info@dreamdoll.de

DreamDoll - Plus de 14 ans d'expérience dans les "poupées d'amour"

Nous avons de nombreuses années d'expérience dans la production et la vente de poupées d'amour. Nous travaillons exclusivement avec nos producteurs depuis fin 2005 et pouvons donc vous proposer des poupées sexuelles trè spéciales de la plus haute qualité.

Notre gamme est en constante expansion et comprend déormais plus de 800 modèles. Notre priorité est la qualité et les dernières technologies. Votre satisfaction et votre plaisir durable avec votre poupée d'amour est notre objectif!

Conseils professionnels d'experts

Notre hotline est disponible tous les jours pour répondre à toutes les demandes, demandes ou suggestions relatives au thème de la "poupée d'amour". Notre service client comprend une assistance complète, du début de la commande à la livraison finale.

Vous pouvez joindre nos conseils techniques par téléphone au (+49) 04748 820 347.

Lundi au vendredi: 9 h à 18 h
Samedi et dimanche: 10 h à 12 h 30

Vous êtes également invité à nous rendre visite et à obtenir des conseils sur place. Laissez-vous inspirer par nos expositions et profitez-en pour configurer votre poupée en silicone avec notre aide.

Nos horaires d'ouverture

Lundi au vendredi: 10 h à 19 h
Samedi: 10 h 00 à 12 h 30

Envoi discret

DreamDoll vous assure que votre commande sera livrée dans une boîte anonyme. Nous n'utilisons pas de logos ou d'informations du fabricant qui permettent de tirer des conclusions sur le contenu de la livraison. Vous seul savez ce qui est vraiment dans la boîte.

Selon le pays de destination, votre commande vous sera livrée par DHL, FedEx, UPS ou une compagnie maritime. Nous vous informerons à tout moment de l'état de votre commande. Aprè l'expédition, vous recevrez un numéro de suivi que vous pourrez utiliser pour suivre la livraison

Au lieu de 8.318,10 EUR seulement 5.990,00 EUR vous économisez 28% / 2.328,10 EUR
TVA 19 % inclus
nom du visage
couleur des yeux
Couleur de maquillage (bouche)
couleur des cheveux
Perruque supplémentaire
Couleur de peau
couleur du mamelon
tour de poitrine
Couleur des doigts et des ongles
poils pubiens
Exécution du vagin
couleur du vagin
Entrée vaginale
Couleur de l'entrée du vagin
Sensible à la vie réelle (+RLS)
Adaptation phallique
ModĂšle chauffage
frais de transport
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